Break Free From the Usual

Our year-long program brings together a diverse group of like-minded professionals, travelling together across continents while working remotely. Join us to realise your dream of professional growth while exploring the world.

Discover a whole new perspective on work-life balance with Reboot Life

work and travel

Work alongside industry trendsetters

For the first time Reboot Life is bringing to the table, industry trendsetters, who will travel with other Rebooters. Interact, learn and work alongside them to grow both professionally and personally.

travel destination while working

Take the journey of a Lifetime

Go on an exhilarating adventure through some of the most vibrant cities in the world. Let your surroundings leave you speechless, inspiring you to do your best work. more

Co-living space

Make life long friends

Forge deep friendships with people who think like you. Laugh, work, share stories and get lost in a new city together. Become a part of an alumni community that you'll benefit from for years to come.

remote working

Complete Flexibility

The program runs for a year and there will be multiple programs running in parallel, allowing you to join at a time that’s convenient and in a city of your choice. We understand it is a big commitment of your time and money, so we will not rush you. Join for a month and we promise you’ll stay for as long as you possibly can.

Are you ready to change your game?

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